Tuesday, January 27, 2015

M T C (Mission Training Center)

The MTC was a great experience.  We met a lot of Senior couples who are going all over the world with all kinds of different assignments.  All of them seem to be as excited as we are to get to their assigned areas and start working.  As many of you know, Wayde and Pam Mecham from our ward in Mountain View entered the MTC on the same day we did.  A friend of Sister Mecham's from childhood and her husband, the Petersons, who are going to serve in Hungary, also entered at the same time and we all ended up being assigned to the same district.

Our district also included Elder and Sister Snow from Washington who are going to Lyon, France.
Mechams, Snows, Stoddards and Petersons
where we are going

The Mechams and us

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