Friday, May 15, 2015


May 15

We know it's been some time since you've heard from us, but there hasn't been a lot of new and exciting news.  It's hard to follow Pam!

We have been very busy.  We find that our assignment keeps growing and changing, and about the time we think we are starting to get a grip something new comes along and we have much more to learn and do.  Some day we will take the time to explain some of the challenges in education here in Vanuatu and they are many, but for now here are some pictures to enjoy.

We love rainbows in our back yard and we seem to get a lot of them

We have a work crew here that are very special.  They mostly work for the Facilities Maintenance group and travel wherever needed fixing, painting and whatever is needed.  After the storm, all of our buildings needed some small repairs and the bush chapel at Paonangisu needed a lot of work as you have seen.  The building here in Port Villa also needed some deep cleaning and painting to get ready for District conference and the coming organization of the Port Vila Stake at the end of June

They received these shirts one day and I just had to have them show off, which they were happy to do

And there is always a need for more food.  By the way, those bags of rice each weigh 55 pounds

Our version of a bucket brigade.  It doesn't take long to unload a truck when you have plenty of help

Last Friday, I spent most of the day delivering water to Erakor.  It's not too far from where we live but I hadn't had a chance to do visit that area.  It was a lot of fun and very enlightening.  There isn't one village, but a lot of small clusters of houses or what we would call neighborhoods, many of which don't have means of capturing and storing water.  When we would come in, they would come out with buckets, teapots, or anything else that would hold water and we would fill them from the containers I brought.

But there is always time for a little soccer practice

When I told the soccer players I wanted a picture......

It wasn't long before I had a crowd.  You can see that there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are making a lot of progress.  We are amazed at how quickly the leaves and foliage are returning.

We have been watching with interest the demolition of the stadium where we used to walk every morning when we first arrived.  Not too long after the storm, they started tearing it down in order to build a new one.  They are going to host the Pacific Games here in 2017 and the old stadium was quite run down.

A couple of weeks ago

                                                                        Almost done

As we were driving back from Paonangisu a while back, we were commenting on how much work still needs to be done on the road.

.Evan with all the destruction, there is still much beauty to be seen.  One example is Eton.  It's a protected cove with a fairly good beach, warm water and a lot of fun.

Thursday was a public holiday, so we took the Leben's to Eton so they and VaLynne could have some fun in the water (I don't swim).  Senior couples are allowed by the way.

It's amazing how a wall of rocks can protect you from a busy sea.

While we were there, we were joined by District President Basil and his family.  Some of us eat.

While the rest play

Family time just doesn't get any better that this

Today, Elder and Sister Kerns went home leaving one less senior couple here in Vanuatu.  Elder and Sister Smith take care of the auditing in the mission.  Elder and Sister Leben are Humanitarian and Welfare Missionaries.  And that leaves us.  There is no office couple, no mission nurse, no anybody else to take care of the massive amount of work that needs to be done.  We need more couple missionaries.  If you are truly righteous, you may evan get to come to Vanuatu.  We would be happy to see you.

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