Saturday, June 27, 2015


June 27, 2015

We live in a small bungalow which sometimes needs a bit of dressing up.  We noticed the flowers are coming back to the markets on a small scale so one day we saw some we couldn't pass up.  These flowers close up at night and open in the daytime and are very beautiful.  I have no idea what they are called.

                                                            They cost almost $2.00      

Each time a container with more food arrives it causes quite a bit of excitement and a lot of work.  After determining how much goes where, it all has to be sorted and distributed

manioc aka cassava aka tapioca.  

With the organization of the first Stake in Vanuatu the Nambatu Chapel here in Port Vila will now become the Stake center.  Although there was hardly any damage to the building during Cyclone Pam, it still needed a deep cleaning, some new paint and some finishing touches

These nervous looking men are waiting to be interviewed by Elder Pearson to see who will be called as the first Stake President in Vanuatu.

These happy looking men have already had their interviews

On June 20, there was a huge cultural celebration planned to recognize the Stake organization the next day.  We also celebrated the arrival the Abbots.  They will be serving in Santo as the Mission Auditors and after picking them up at the airport we arrived just in time for the festivities.

Elder and Sister Abbot were able to meet and visit with President Brewer.  This will be their only meeting as the Brewers are going home on the first of July

I don't know why it's always me that looks out of place

We had a huge crowd

LOTS of food

Spiritual moments

Demonstrations of different island traditions and dances

The one in the purple is President Basil who has been serving as the District President  

Even President Brewer joined in the festivities

I can't resist these little kids.  They love to have their pictures taken

Sunday, June 21.  This is an exciting day for the Church in Vanuatu.  The first Stake to be organized in the country and we feel blessed to be here to be a part of it.  

The young women made leis and presented them as we entered

No one wanted to leave after the meeting.  The choir continued to sing for about an hour while everyone just visited and congratulated our new Stake Presidency.  District President Basil was called as Stake President and he is going to be very busy getting all the Wards and Branches organized.

The next day just happened to be the first day of Winter.  What else do you think VaLynne would want to do on the first day of Winter in the South Pacific

We were very busy that day, but VaLynne and Sister Leben had been planning this for a long time and nothing was going to get in the way of a swim at the beach on the first day of Winter

I went to Paonangisu to visit President Eric and the first thing I saw was this huge turtle shell hanging in a tree.  Eric told me he had cooked five of them for the feast at the cultural celebration.

In the background you can see the rebuilt Paonangisu chapel

I told Eric that had I known turtle was being served that night, I would have tried some.  He then offered to give me some to take home and cook

He also told me that if you cook it right, it tastes just like chicken!


  1. So.... did you eat turtle?

  2. "Cook it just right...." hmm. 😨😅

  3. "Cook it just right...." hmm. 😨😅

  4. "Cook it just right...." hmm. 😨😅